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Graduating from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Tina realized that there doesn’t always lie employment at the end of that road. Years of applying for
teaching positions led her through a patchwork of jobs that ultimately ended in the field of retail alcohol sales. An opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a boutique winery in Essex County (Grape Tree Estate Wines) was enough to take Tina away from the security of a weekly paycheck for the chance to learn all of the aspects of wine-making and sales. As the general manager, she did far more than take care of the office and retail shop. A small business means getting your hands dirty – literally. From planting and picking to the wine-making and bottling process, along with the day to day operations of the retail facility and coordinating

a number of successful public events, Tina was able to learn a great deal about this rewarding, but ultimately heartbreaking industry. With a lifespan of only 5 years, the winery closed and sent Tina back
into retail alcohol sales – this time with much more confidence and tenacity. 12 years of organizing and executing incredibly successful events that educated the public in the areas of wine, beer and spirits, provided the groundwork to set out on her own and create Windsor’s Appetite. Knowing that there was an incredible appetite for such events (pun intended), and there no longer being a source for them, Tina knew that there was a need to fill; so was born Windsor’s Appetite.

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As the son of a son of a sailor, Aaron went out on the lake for adventure. That didn’t end well, so he took to the skies, becoming a licensed pilot by the age of seventeen. Where to go from here? Eventually he found himself immersed in beverage alcohol (sales, study, evaluation and education that is) and a job became a career. 

For the past twenty years, Aaron has been a wine and spirits educator. He has sat on the VQA Ontario grading panel, served as a wine judge, and trekked across Ontario pursuing opportunities to share his passion for wines, whiskies and food.  He holds the Higher Certificate from WSET and in 2007 he won the Grand Award at Toronto’s Wine Tasting Challenge.

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A classically trained dancer, Elise spent the early part of her life entertaining the public.  Seasons at Deerhurst Resort (where she was part of the troupe that launched a certain celebrity to her fame) led to a number of years as part of the entertainment crew on prestigious cruise ships that sailed the world’s oceans.

A family loss brought Elise back to Canada, presenting her with the opportunity to serve the
public in the food and beverage industry – an almost 20 year trek that led her to retail beverage
alcohol sales. During her time in this new industry, Elise achieved

not only her Wine and Spirits Education Trust certification, but accreditation as a Master Taster through Niagara College. Elise took the opportunity in her job to work in educating the public in the areas of wine, beer and spirits – an incredible journey that has lasted 8 years.

Elise's enthusiasm and experience makes her an amazing addition to the Windsor’s Appetite team.

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With 32 years in the food and beverage industry, John is a certified Sommelier who furthered his knowledge base with certification in the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, delving deeper still with certification as a Scholar with the French Wine Society (North American chapter) and also held the position as the private sommelier with Camelot Vineyards in British Columbia for three years before coming to Ontario to share his passion and knowledge with us. 

Although his favourite wine subjects are the roses wines of Provence and those of Champagne, John is always eager to speak on any subject that excites him and those with whom he shares the room.

We are incredibly fortunate to have John join the team at Windsor’s Appetite.

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